Product Information

Product Information

Solutia manufactures a full line of fire resistant aviation hydraulic fluids. Our current fluids, Skydrol 500B-4, Skydrol LD-4, Skydrol 5, and Skydrol PE-5 offer the aviation industry the most advanced and proven products available. Contact Solutia for details on which product is best suited for your application.

Industry Approvals

Skydrol fluids are approved by all airframe manufacturers specifying phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, including the following material specifications:

  • S.A.E. - AS1241
  • Boeing Seattle - BMS3-11
  • Boeing Long Beach - DMS2014
  • Lockheed - LAC C-34-1224
  • Airbus Industrie - NSA307110
  • British Aerospace - BAC M.333.B
  • Bombardier - BAMS 564-003
  • Fokker
  • Embraer
  • Westwind
  • Cessna
  • Gulfstream

The manufacturers listed above do not necessarily approve all Skydrol products for all of their aircraft. Please refer to your Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) or the Qualified Products List (QPL) in the above specifications to determine which fluids are approved for your application. If you have any questions about an application, please call our Technical Service Department at 800-260-4150.

Skydrol 500-B4

The Skydrol 500 series of fluids has the longest service history among phosphate ester products. The first version, Skydrol 500, was introduced in 1952. Steady improvements to the formulation led in 1978 to the current version, Skydrol 500B-4 which contains the same breakthrough anti erosion additive and acid scavenger found in Skydrol LD-4 . Skydrol 500B-4 is the most worker friendly of the aviation phosphate esters; it is least irritating to skin and less prone to form mists which can be irritating to the respiratory tract . This has given the product enormous popularity for use in work shops and indoor test stands.

Skydrol LD-4

Skydrol LD-4 was also introduced in 1978, and is today the largest selling aviation phosphate ester fluid in the world. At the time of its introduction it was a breakthrough product, solving problems of valve erosion and thermal stability common in earlier fluids. Its excellent thermal stability under real world conditions has given it a reputation as the gold standard among Type IV fluids. In recent years it has received an additional qualification of 5000 psi approval under Boeing BMS 3-11 (Type V, Grade B and Grade C). Skydrol LD-4 features low density, excellent thermal stability, valve erosion prevention, and deposit control.

Skydrol 5

Introduced in 1996, Skydrol 5 was the first Type V fluid qualified under the Boeing BMS 3-11 specification. Skydrol 5 offers higher temperature capability than Type IV fluids, the lowest density, and better paint compatibility. Skydrol 5 does not have universal air frame manufacturer approval, so please consult Solutia's Skydrol Technical Service (800-260-4150) for specific approval and application information.

Skydrol PE-5

Our newest product, Skydrol PE-5, has full approval from Airbus and Boeing for use in all of their aircraft models. Skydrol PE-5 was developed to meet and exceed the more demanding Type V fluid requirements. It features the longest fluid life of any commercially available fluid, low density and low viscosity at low temperature; an unbeatable combination of the best features for optimum fluid performance.

Thermal Stability according to Airbus test method, Fluid life test with 0.5% moisture level:

TemperatureSkydrol PE-5Minimum Requirement
60 deg C 75,000 hours10,000 hours
125 deg C1,600 hours 1,000 hours

MCS 352B

This product is a viscous assembly lubricant for components and equipment designed to use Skydrol aviation hydraulic fluids. Approved by airframe manufacturers, MCS 352B lubricates seals during assembly, preventing them from being damaged. It introduces no foreign material into the hydraulic system because it contains no silicone oils, nor any petroleum based products.

MCS 352B is only sold through our distributors, TBM, Inc. (US, 800-825-1128) and Interturbine (EU, +49 4191 809 300).

MCS 2361

This product is not used in aviation, but is an industrial phosphate ester fluid. It is used in fire department rescue equipment, where fire resistance is an essential attribute.

MCS 2361 is only sold through a distributor, TBM, Inc. For ordering information please call TBM at 800-825-1128.


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